The march to Mastodon

Ben Neely · November 14, 2022

The last couple weeks have seen tremendous upheaval on Twitter as Elon Musk has taken the helm. Some users have left out of principle (i.e., issues with Elon Musk), but certain/abundant missteps have caused legitimate worries about whether Musk could break Twitter.

Personally, I don’t see reasons to jump ship immediately (my thoughts), but I did want to go and look at Mastodon (the main exodus destination), and so have compiled some notes/links (last updated 16 December, which btw, I seem to have moved over now, though am posting back to twitter via IFTTT).

Most of my casual research has centered on making Mastodon more like SciTwitter, which is probably missing the point and the potential of Mastodon. Overall, using hashtags is very important (#teamProteome is my new fav), and there was something about using group (, though I can’t seem to find the tweet that announced this. Both hashtags and groups can help collate toots into your timeline. I do see some benefits for having a teamProteome specific server (i.e., have a super nerdy Local timeline without needing to follow everyone on your server), but also, for me personally, I think communicating outside of teamProteome is critical. Also, for me at least, I appreciate how I get science and life in one place on Twitter (weather, local stuff, cycling, etc.; @TheRaceRadio @inrng @HolyCitySinner @SethWEmerson @TropicalTidbits @NWSCharlestonSC @SCEMD) and when those things move it will make my Mastodon timeline closer to what I want.

Almost forgot, I started as, which is now an alias btw, but have since migrated to I am sure I might move again if a more appropriate proteomics server pops up.